Engine Dyno


Calculates power output directly by measuring the force or torque required to hold a spinning engine at a set speed. Software then calculates horsepower based on the torque figure and engine rpm. The operator can start and run the engine from the board via a cable-operated lever or electronically as seen above. Measuring the torque directly, an engine dyno gives you the most accurate picture of how much power your engine makes. An Engine Dyno is the most accurate fine-tuning an engine to extract maximum power.

Chassis Dyno


A standard procedure for testing of heavy-duty road vehicles for the purpose of determining power delivered through the drive tires. A method of correcting observed power to reference test conditions. It uses a roller assembly to simulate a road in a controlled environment, usually inside a building as seen above. The software then calculates torque output based on how fast the vehicle accelerates the drum, next horsepower is calculated from the torque value. It has the ability to measure power at the drive wheels—the “real world” performance of a vehicle. You can make tuning changes and test parts to find out the effects on power and a chassis dyno can give you a good idea of how efficient your drive-train is. 

Chassis Dyno